Manifest Principles and Values

Project Map is a revolutionary approach to project management, aiming to improve the entire project management life cycle of planning, collaboration, analysis, tracking and control, using unique principles, guidelines, methods, rules and processes.


  • Team engagement as a prerequisite for project success
  • Project visualization over detailed plans
  • Intuitive planning over project engineering
  • Areas of activity over task hierarchy
  • Confidence indicators as KEY project sensors

Our values are not better than other values, but we understand that in a world of limited resources, you must choose which values are more important for the overall goal of project success.


  • A good project diagram must be presented coherently on a single page
  • A project is a social event before it is a technical challenge. Thus, the key to project success lies in paying attention to the people and measuring their engagement level
  • The intuitive way people grasp the project should dictate the project diagram design
  • Intuitive planning is based on Areas of Activity and Activity Sequences
  • Working with areas of activity enables automated project analysis
  • Activities shouldn’t be linked hastily to create dependencies. Most of the activities can be done in parallel
  • Risk calculations will never be as accurate as risk perception. Therefore, the team’s risk perception is critical for developing a risk avoidance plan
  • A project plan is incomplete without an indicator that can point at the success rate of the project, based on the data included in the plan