As our society advances further into the technology world and we leave our old snail mail and paper behind, how does a project manager advance too? Does it make sense to still use the same exact same tools we’ve been using for years? We as PMs for sure don’t serve the same exact function as we did even 20 years ago. Today, most people have smart phones, computers and are very knowledgeable in all the ins and outs. Let’s take advantage of this. But, how much then should we, the project managers change and adapt?

What Type of Change is Needed?

Maybe, a complete change isn’t necessary. Maybe only changing some of our tools should be the goal. Not changing our entire approach to project management and our methods. Also, if it’s a necessity, it should stay. At least the main idea should stay as is I believe.

Today in project management, our projects are far more advanced, complex and intertwined with so many other parties than in previous years. We are still building timelines with spreadsheets and capturing project plans with Gantt charts. But do they give an accurate representation of our dynamic project?

We obviously don’t need to change everything altogether, or try and simplify our daily schedule by planning less. We need a better method or tool to rearrange our plans and activities and have some other sort of system to present them. Hence, the Projectmap!

Our Radio

Let’s look at the radio for a minute, it’s a perfect example. The famous radio. A very interesting change has occurred here. What the Buggles famously sung many years ago, “Video killed the Radio Star,” is very accurately put. With the entering of the joint “visual and auditory entertainment system” (the TV/Video) came the need to do away, almost completely with the antiquated auditory entertainer. (the radio) It’s just obvious.

Like the horse and carriage. Once the automobile rolled out of production, who used horses anymore?

But… not quiet. It’s amazing but the radio survived and even thrives today! But how?

New tools and a necessity!

As we all know, (I surely hope) driving when not looking at the road is life threateningly dangerous to oneself and to others. Therefore, if I want to enjoy my Radiohead songs on my way to work and I can’t watch them on TV or in a video. I certainly don’t want to taste, touch or smell them during their concert, (although I’m sure some of us do,) that leaves only one of our enjoying senses left. Yes, it is. Our ears. There you have it. A necessity.

But what tools were changed?

All the changes today to the radio that weren’t there before, like Satellite Radio, clearer sound, talk shows, music, comedies, news, children’s programs… all, have been improvements to their tools to get us, their audience, to stay tuned in on our drive to work and elsewhere. Brilliant!

We Need the Right Tools

Back to projects. Spreadsheet and GANTT charts are not enough anymore, but the need to manage activities over a timeline stays the same. It is a necessity.  We still need humans to run these programs, execute tasks and activities and make decisions.

But, our tools can change, and they must! We need the ability to see timeline visuals and plan and collaborate on different levels between team members. We also need a good way to measure risk and feasibility of the project’s success. These features as well as a few new others are a must to get with the times!

The revolutionary method of the Projectmap can, and is, changing the field of Project Management to enable it to survive and thrive in an ever-changing world which is changing faster and faster by the year.

Well, what in the world does the Projectmap have to offer that is so mind-blowing and game changing that no one else can offer?

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