Frequently Asked Questions

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What is "Projectmap"?


Projectmap is an innovative approach to project management, inclusive of new methods and tools.

It contains a revolutionary diagram with a method for automatic coordination analysis, risk avoidance plan and KPIs for project confidence, leaving GANTT behind.

The team behind project map

We are a team of project management professionals. A few years ago, we realized we are not using most of the available project management tools, and instead we were reinventing project management with Excel sheets. Moreover, we realized the people around us are also not using all the available GANTT based tools, and were trying to avoid them. We decided to document the approach and tools we were using under the name “Projectmap”.

What are the differences between Projectmap and GANTT chart?

There are three major differences:

  1. Horizontal diagram orientation 

GANTT charts are vertical. They tend to be long and way out of a single screen. Activities that are set around the same date can be found illogically on page 1 or page 4, depending on the GANTT details and complexity.

Projectmap is a horizontal diagram. As such, it can be viewed on a small screen and can show all of the activities around a specific date in single-page view. Moreover, the Projectmap timeline can be set to view the entire project on a single page, even if there are several hundred activities. The project’s overall structure was never this visible!

  1. Efficient use of diagram space

GANTT charts are empty. By nature, the hierarchical style drives large white areas all over the chart. It is impossible to optimize such a view to fit into a small screen and it will always exceed the optimal viewing area.

Projectmap utilizes 100% of the diagram area by building activity sequences on the same line. Such a diagram is not only more efficient but also far clearer. It displays the project status in a single view.

  1. Data structure

The GANTT chart is a simple hierarchical data model with multilayered task trees. In some areas, the user may choose to create two task levels and in other areas it can go up to ten levels or more. This data structure does not provide any analysis capabilities.

Projectmap uses categories (areas of activity). These categories are then built into three levels of information: High level, Planning and Details. This data structure gives the user the in-and-out experience of Projectmap, and equally as important, it opens the door for automatic analysis.

How Projectmap is dealing with risk?

For too long, risk was assigned to the critical chain. We believe the critical chain is important in project structure analysis, but it does not represent the project’s risk. Please read our blog article on this issue to learn more.

The project risk tends to be where the project team expects it to be – which is what we call the “perceived risk”.

Moreover, at Projectmap we are moving the focus from finding the risk to handling it. Finding the risk is the easy part – the project team knows where data gaps exist, they know who the bad suppliers are and they know what the delays were in the last round. Projectmap lets you mark activities as risk per the project team’s assessment.

Once the risk is defined, Projectmap enforces a risk avoidance plan and measures its maturity. The focus is placed on the risk here because we know how risky it is not to handle defined risk. Most projects have a risk assessment plan, but too many times the risk is not handled correctly, or not handled at all!

Where can I get more information on Projectmap?

Projectmap is a well-documented new approach to project management. Our blog is the best source of information. You can sign up to be notified on new articles and news. Guaranteed no ads!

The book: Projectmap book is coming soon, provides a different angle on Projectmap, through a story about project management. You may find it useful as well. Signup to our newsletter to get notified about book availability and discount coupons.

In our template page you can find examples of Projectmaps for different segments.

What information is included in the book?

The book takes a different approach to presenting Projectmap, through a project story. The book explains the Projectmap methodology and also provides project management tips, communication ideas, change management angles and relates to dealing with conflict.

How can I buy the book?

The book is coming soon. Signup to our newsletter to be notified about book availability in your language and to get discount coupon.

How does the Projectmap automated analysis work?

The Projectmap patent-pending analysis engine prioritizes links based on the project structure. Projectmap then creates confidence indicators per activity which it aggregates into categories and projects.