Projectmap is a revolutionary approach
to project management.

Projectmap improves project management planning, collaborating, analyzing, tracking and controlling, using unique principles, guidelines, methods, rules and processes.

People driven projects

Project plans must be clear, simple and visual to keep the project team engaged.

Clear project diagrams

A new era has begun in project management with Projectmap. It’s time to stop using GANTT charts!

Automatic analysis

Projectmap data structure enables project analytics extraction.

Project KPI

A method for calculating Key Performance Indicators and confidence level for each project.

The first Projectmap application – “Proggio” – will shake the world of project management free of Gantt and redefine the project management approach through the first modern system that project teams will actually love to use.

Blog & News


Executive at Tech Industry

Excellent templates!

The entire idea makes so much sense. I wonder why it took so long for such approach to get some traction - it's great. I want to use it yesterday.
Executive at Tech Industry
Sr. Project Manager

Very interesting!

This approach can save a huge amount of time. I like the way projects are treated as "people first". The blog item about Project Marketing is an eye-opener.
Sr. Project Manager

The blog articles are great!

So different from anything I'm reading elsewhere. Finally a project management approach that has the guts to move away from GANTT charts and critical chain.

Projectmap Templates & Examples

The intuitive way people capture projects should lead the project diagram design

What are Projectmap templates?

Free Projectmap templates are provided to help you setup your project on a better foundation. The templates are divided into segments, so you can easily search for the right template for your needs.

The templates were created by project management experts and are periodically updated.

The templates can be used dynamically with Proggio.

The templates let you learn from the experience of other project managers who are already using Projectmap. We selected the best example for each segment to make sure you have the best vantage point.

How to use the templates?

Templates are examples and best known methods in a specific segment. The overall duration of your project may differ from the example shown in the template.

Check out the categories on the left. These categories are areas of activity which are fundamental to the project structure. When you define the categories properly to match your project’s actual areas of activity, you promote and contribute to the project’s success.

Make sure you set the links to reflect the right chains of your plan, add buffers where required and set milestones in line with your organization’s requirements.